Monday, September 12, 2011

Homework & reading

Interesting article from son Andy, on homework and learning. While I am clearly seriously non-objective, it does seems to me that the students in the class are more engaged, and more interested in the discussion, something I attribute to their ptevious interactions with the text.

Hopefully, group assignments will be getting easier (after the first exam on friday, we will expand from 16 to 20 groups). I am hoping that students will get more comfortable questioning the text, pointing out its flaws and responding to each other, rather than just dutifully answering questions (although even that is an improvement on total passivity).

Next we need to generate a response anlysis system, since there is lots of data (insights) to extract.

I think this this will lead to a revolutiom in how useful texts will "evolve"; It could lead to a new generation of drawfed (i.e. focussed, research-based) texts - I feel an essay coming on.

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